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Panel 1a, La Corona

Saknikte' glyph

(ancient name of La Corona)


Sibales in the La Corona region








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Boot 2011

Matteo 2010
Un nuevo monumento atribuido a La Corona, Petén, Guatemala. Mexicon, Vol.XXXII, pp.102-104.


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David Stuart blog: HS2, Block 5


In April and May of this year the remains of an important hieroglyphic stairway were discovered at Structure 13R-10 at La Corona, Guatemala, during excavations undertaken by the Proyecto Regional Arqueológico La Corona, directed by Marcello Canuto (Tulane University) and Tomás Barrientos Quezada (Universided del Valle de Guatemala). This monument, now designated as Hieroglyphic Stairway 2 (HS 2) of La Corona, had been looted many decades earlier in the mid 1960s, and was clearly the source of many of the blocks long assigned to the “Site Q” corpus. Luckily the looters had missed the bottom-most step of the HS, which was discovered this year in the excavations overseen by Jocelyn Ponce of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala....


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