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Discover the Life and Trials of One of M.A.R.I.'s Early Directors, Frans Bloom


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A new publication reveals the life and work of Frans Blom, M.A.R.I.'s second director (1926-1940). Often viewed as one of the last great archaeologist-explorers of Mesoamerica, Blom conducted pioneering work at major sites, including Palenque, Tonina, Uxmal, and Uaxactun.


M.A.R.I. is offering a limited number of copies of this fascinating work. Order yours today!



Introducing a New Website Feature


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Many of our student Interns and Volunteers are assisting with research on items found in the M.A.R.I. collections. In the process, they are discovering new favorites and creating educational material to introduce the general public to the collections!


Our new Featured Artifact section will periodically showcase their work. This month, we are highlighting a colorful object from Mexico and its associations to Day of the Dead celebrations!






The Frederick S. Crocker Collection
Trajes of Guatemala



M.A.R.I. is pleased to announce that the next publication in its prestigious series is now available.

This publication includes 34 beautiful prints of Frederick S. Crocker's original watercolor paintings of the traditional clothing worn in 31 highland Maya communities. The prints are accompanied by a catalog containing Crocker's introduction to the collection and his notes on each community's distinct clothing.

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