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3D map of La Corona

(courtesy of Lic. Rodrigo Guzmán)


Hieroglyphic Staircase 2, Step 1

La Corona

HS2 Block 5

Detail of 2012 reference

PRALC in the Media


Throughout the years, La Corona has been rendered newsworthy by wonderful discoveries made by dedicated scholars. Here are a few references to their past work:



Prensal Libre: Especial 13 Baktún



Repatriation of hieroglyphic panels




Looted panels from La Corona



Discovery of La Corona



General information:

Please click here to download a short document that provides background information about La Corona and this research project.

PRALC events


11am CST, April 17, 2013


Diálogo 2013


Marcello A. Canuto

The Kaanal Kingdom and the La Corona-Calakmul Alliance: Building a Classic Maya Empire






October 2, 2012


Tomás Barrientos Q.

"XLIV Policy Roundtable: The 13 Maya Bak' tun: The End of and era and the dawn of another"



September 29, 2012


Marcello A. Canuto

The Kingdom of Kaanal and La Corona: More than an Alliance



September 20, 2012


Tomas Barrientos Q.

La Corona en el 21012: Revelaciones sobre los grandes reinos mayas”

Museo Popol Vuh, UFM

Guatemala City


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